#QueensSeeQueens : The Movement

#QueensSeeQueens or #QsQ is a phrase coined by the creator of this blog site, Ca’Teama Sanders. It was created after being mentioned by a fellow friend, Angelia Lane, owner and #MUA of Stay In Your Lane Beauty (BOOK HER), in a random Facebook post on April 1, 2016. The post consisted of shouting out multiple women with a token of appreciation whom she deemed were “grind chasing their dreams”.  Proof of the engagement is attached below.

Ca’Teama was already an advent supporter of movements, such as #BlackGirlMagic and any other feminist movements that empowered women. However, this phrase became something important and ground-breaking in her eyes in comparison to the others, since it came to her mind after being mentioned by another queen. Ca’Teama believes it is our duty as women to support other women, to spread positive vibes in the mist of turmoil, and to encourage other women to keep striving for their best selves. We are all queens within our own rights despite the stereotypical view of what a woman is supposed to look like, dress like, act like, or anything of that nature.

This blog site will be used to reach out to women young and old as a resource for people to visit when they are in doubt of themselves or society as a whole. Ca’Teama hopes to see #QsQ grow as more individuals engage with the site. She understands that all who interact and visit this site will not believe in feminist views, and she also does not desire to be the spokeswomen for all women. Ca’Teama is using HER voice to reach out to other women, and all viewpoints can only be given from an authentic view of what Ca’Teama has, is, and will experience. Ca’Team expects viewers to disagree with her views, and she expects viewers to agree with her views. She is open to discussion and respects freedom of thought. However, she is uninterested in disrespect for a difference in opinion or encouraging negativity.

 Look forward to new blog posts shared through Ca’Teama’s social media accounts that are attached in the header. You can expect topics about relationships, family, college life, promotional advertisements of businesses by queens, talks about mental health, words of inspiration, music, and more. Topics will typically derive from things that are currently occurring as viewed on social media, the news, and other outlets, and Ca’Teama will accept submissions from viewers if there is a topic they want her to discuss. Subscribe to the website as you grow accustomed to the site, so you will not miss anything. Use the hashtag when you see other women hitting the ground running to reach their dreams, breaking records, or just for simply walking down the street and being beautiful.

Lastly, please bare with the process of the site as Ca’Teama works to build the brand to an outstanding status. All great things take time!

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