#QueensSeeQueens is a movement brought to you by Ca’Teama Sanders. This movement is intended to serve as a inspirational journey for women, young and old, regardless of our various positions in life. This website is the location of blog posts associated with the #QsQ brand all written by Ca’Teama. In the future, others writers will have the opportunity to join this blog site to enrich freedom of speech in the most positive and inspirational way. #QueensSeeQueens can also be found on Facebook to keep up with the social aspects of the brand that gives recognition to women who offer services or for women who are simply on their grind.

Feel free to hashtag #QueensSeeQueens or #QsQ as you desire. Just make sure you tag the website to help the brand gain exposure. All visitors and comments are welcomed, but please refrain from the use of profanity or hate speech. This is about positivity, liberation, unification, and healthy communication.